Dear Parents and Guardians,

Notesmaster is a free learning tool aimed at secondary level students. It gives every student access to first class learning materials created from around the world. The Notesmaster Global Education Network helps connect African students with their peers. Through this connection, students in Namibia can form online study groups and work effectively over the internet with other students across Africa.

We would like to stress that Notesmaster is designed as a complete companion to formal and open schooling and not intended to replace either. The learning material is the same as you would find in any classroom and that’s because it is authored by program developers, tutors and teachers.

Notesmaster will always be free to join and use. We intend to provide a safe place on the internet where students can come at any time and have access to the best learning materials. Notesmaster is about learning and while we incorporate other great e-learning sites, it is our intention that this site maintains a school like feel. So the posting of rude and offensive material is strictly forbidden. Bullying will not be tolerated in any form and offenders will not just be banned but also reported to their school principal. Notesmaster does not promote cheating and will provide full support to schools and colleges in all related matters.

We encourage all parents to take a look at Notesmaster and see for yourselves what it can offer. It is designed to make learning easier and give every child a chance at success...for free. Notesmaster will always be adding new features to keep us right at the front of technology and so provide every child with the best learning that the internet has to offer.

The Notesmaster team are here to answer any questions and address any concerns that parents might have and give you our pledge to ensure a safe working environment for all students.

Thank you for reading.